Bomsori Kim


Upcoming concerts 2018 


January 9

SAC New Year"s Concert, 

KBS Symphony Orchestra 

Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea 


January 13

New Year"s Concert 

Prime Philharmonic Orchestra,

Gunpo, Korea 



January 22

New Year's Concert 

Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea 


January 24

Prime Philharmonic Orchestra 

Chen An Arts Center, Chen An, Korea 


February 13

McGill Chamber Orchestra,

Pro Musica  Montreal, Canada 


February 17

Cuyamaca College Concert Series

San Diego, CA, USA 


February 18

Recital, Mill Valley Chamber Music Society,

Mill Valley, CA, USA


March 7

WQXR Mid-day concert, New York, USA 


March 26

Sejong Cultural Center


April 2

POSCO Concert, Korea 


April 13

Rzeszów Philharmonic Orchestra, Rzeszow, Poland 


April 15

Sinfonia Varsovia, Warsaw, Poland 


April 20

Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra. Łódż. Poland 


April 28

Iuventus Orchestra, Warsaw, Poland 


May 11, 12 

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg, Canada 


May 15 

Recital Premiere Performances, Hong Kong


June 14,15

Olsztyn Philharmonic Orchestra, Olsztyn, Poland 


June 22

Poznan,  Duo Recital with Rafał Blechacz, Poznań. Poland 


June 24

Szczecin, Duo Recital with Rafał Blechacz, Szczecin. Poland 


June 26

Olsztyn, Duo Recital with Rafał Blechacz, Olsztyn, Poland  







Past Concerts 2017


March  5, 2017


South Orange Performing Arts Center, New York, USA


April 8, 2017

KBS Symphony Orchestra

Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall, Seoul, Korea


April 28, 2017

Daegu Symphony Orchestra

Daegu Concert House, Daegu, Korea


April  29, 2017

Suwon Philhamonic Orchestra

Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall, Seoul, Korea


May 17, 2017


Juilliard AD chamber concert, New York, USA


May 22-27, 2017

Seoul Spring Festival


June 17, 2017


Taichung, Taiwan


July 2, 2017


Royal Castel, Warsaw, Poland 


July 4, 2017


International Music Festival im.Krystyny Jamroz, Busko-Zdrój, Poland 


July 6, 2017 

Beethoven Academy Archestra, Piotr Sulkowski  

Barbakan Festival, Krakow, Poland 


July 9, 2017

Orpheum Supporters Orchestra , Howard Griffiths

Tonhalle Zurich, Main Concert Hall, Zürich, Switzerland


July 14, 2017

Korean Symphony Orchestra

Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea


July 19, 2017

Wonju Philharmonic Orchestra

Baekun Art Hall, Wonju, Korea


July 28, 2017

Musica Mundi Chamber Festival



August 3, 2017


Kumho Art Hall, Seoul, Korea


August 12, 2017


OSM Weekend Summer Festival, Montreal, Canada 


August 14, 2017

OSM Weekend Summer Festival, Motreal

with Kent Nagano


August 28, 2017

Yomiuri Symphony Orchestra 

Opera City Hall ,Tokyo,  Japan


September 12

KNN Orchestra, Busan , Korea


September 23

Juilliard Orchestra 

Lincoln Center, New York, USA


September 29

Filharmonia Czestochowska, Poland 


September 30

Wąchock Bach Festival, Poland


October 2

Elbląg Chamber Orchestra. Poland 


October 6

Milwaukee University Orchestra, USA


October 13

National Orchestra of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium


October 26

Aramnuri Theater Goyang, Korea 


October 27

Naver V Salon Concert, Seoul, Korea


November 1

Showcase at Pungwoldang, Seoul , Korea


November 2

Press Conference for Album release,

Minho Art Hall, Soul, Korea 


November 3

Recital, Daegu, Korea


November 7

Czech Martinu Orchestra, Nowon Arts Center, Seoul, Korea


November 8

CBS Radio Program, Korea 


November 9

Aladin Showcase, Seoul, Korea 


November 28

Carnegie Weill Hall Recital, New York, USA 


December 15

Gdansk Philharmonic Orchestra, Gdansk , Poland